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Klangfilm Eurodyn Installation

In a university in Berlin the shown Siemens Klangfilm Installation with Eurodyn speakers was in use until 2006. This is the control desk with a Telefunken mixing console. On the right the optical level meter.


Below the desk the Siemens line level amplifiers V72, and the matching power supplies are built in. The same type of equipment, but with microphone level preamps was also widely used in broadcast and sound studios.The power amps are in the projection room. They are from Klangfilm, using the EL 34 in push-pull mode. The speakers are setup in 100V technique, allowing for long cable distances.


This is the view towards the screen with the position of the three Eurodyn speakers marked. It is the Eurodyn with a single 15" Woofer.

Then I climbed behind the screen to get a picture of the Eurodyn speakers. The space behind the screen is very limited, especially when trying to take fotos, however here are two shots of the speakers.
First a view of the center speaker, the speaker in the background is the one on the left side


Finally a view shot from underneath, revealing some technical details of the speaker, but still covered with the original protecting cloth.




Thomas Schick, Berlin, Germany

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