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Fidelity Research FR64

Here a pictured report about rewiring a Fidelity Research tonearm.

The FR64 is one of the most popular tonearms for heavier cartridges. The bearings are of good quality, but they might be noisy over time. This tonearm had a broken cable. So I started to overhaul this tonearm from the ground up.

The arm tube is a seperate part, hold with some glue and fixed with tiny screws.

The downforce is realised through a spring. The assembly is attached at the side of the tonearm. This massive spring has also a strong resonance. I have tried the arm blanced with the counterweight and found it to be more detailed and free. With the springload attached the sound muddled up a little.

The mighty arm shaft is carrying the actual part that holds both axes.

For reassembly I have put in a new tonearm plug.


Thomas Schick, Berlin, Germany

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